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An Example

I have just spent a day, a whole day, trying to format (not publish, just get the formatting as I want it) a book that it took me so long to work out how to get Scriv to produce what Leanpub needed I went and bought a book to find out how to do it right. A very good book. Not just saying that, a very good book.

Despite all that, I was left at 5ish, that famous 'end of the day' (we went down the pub) extremely frustrated.

With all of my knowledge, experience (and pain) of trying to get it right for both Kindle and Leanpub, I ended up with a document that left me with this (no, the hearts didn't come out of scriv they are my additions to illustrate a point) :-

blah blah blah So,
  • Where did the numbering come from?
  • Why is this a single quote? Oh, wait, why is it red?
  • Why did the font change?
  • What is the significance of this reverse oblique?
  • Why the break inside my word?
  • Green? I know we've got red earlier and we are kinda red and green, but where did this green come from?
  • Oh, back to my chosen font
  • Why has numbering restarted? Why at one?
  • Why do I now have double quotes, as in my original document?
  • The crescent moon is totally irrelevant but I got so f.. hacked off arsing around in different progrmas I went to Word (don't tell anyone, please') and found a moon shape.

This is one ilustration of many. Don't want to bore you.
With stuff about me, either, but let me give you some context.
I've spent twenty years in IT, am comfortable with programming in

  • Oracle, its derivatives and of course Ted Codd's SQL
  • java
  • .net
  • php
  • ruby
  • javascript
etc etc.
Not very good, but comfortable in my conscious incompetence.
I have published three books on kindle and two on Leanpub.

Let me say here now and loud ...
Love Scrivener (love Leanpub too)

Now, I can work out, guess, google, remember what all the answers to this quize are, even tho' they're totally new to me, and if you know too or didn't have these issues you probably don't need us, but if you really can't be bothered with even knowing this kind of stuff exists, then give us a call.
Mail. Knock on the door.
Poke, tweet, smoke signal, whatever.

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