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There are many reasons for wanting to publish a book, and they are not always what the outsider would assume. Indeed, many words are written that never see the light of day. Again, for many reasons. It took 25 years for Court's first book to come out, and that wasn't only because of a high pile of rejection letters. So, we look to support different levels of motivation. You might:

  • want to make a living out of writing
  • be happy enough to supplement your cash flow
  • want to see a work in print, for one of a plethora of reasons
  • want nothing more than an e-book to give to friends and family

Within those 'levels' there are different mix-and-match packages picked from the following services:

Scrivener support

Scrivener. Y'know - for writers.We love Scrivener. We’ve used it independently and collaboratively and we won’t use (almost) anything else. But if you’ve only ever used Word to write, then making the leap to a specialist writing tool can be daunting. From teaching you the basics through to pointing out the hidden features that you never knew were there, we can help you master Scrivener and transform how you write.


You’ve written your novel. But what now? All books need an editor, whether you’ve written fiction, non-fiction or poetry. Publishing your work unedited is not only stupid, it can damage your reputation as a writer. We provide various levels of edits – from thorough developmental assessments down to a simple proofreading service. Whichever you chose, don’t even think about publishing your work without it being edited!

Cover design

A shabby cover can make your self-published book stand out from the crowd, and not in a good way. Using Photoshop or – worse still – PowerPoint to design your own cover won’t score you any marks with your prospective readers. Booklovers want something that is going to catch their eye, whether on their shelves or on their Kindle library. Give us an idea of what you want and our graphic designer will create something magical.


Amazon Kindle or Kobo? Barnes & Noble or iBooks? We’ve done it all and can advise you on the merits of each publishing service. We can also help you with the technical bits which you don’t need to know about. Leaving you more time to write your next book.

Print services

Every author dreams of seeing their name in print. Modern print on demand services make it easier than ever to have a hard copy book in your hands to sell to your readers. We can help you decide which print service to use or even organise it for you.

Web design and marketing

Your online presence is your gateway to the world. While you may have social media down (and if not, we can help you with that too), many authors lack even a basic website to showcase their work. If you’re fed up of using Amazon links to sell your e-books, then having your own website can give you more control over your marketing. Chat to us about creating a website just how you want it, and we’ll even write the copy for you and get it up and running.


If you’d like to know more about any of our services, we’ll be hosting regular workshops in and around Cheltenham. From Scrivener to self-publishing, let us know what you want to hear about and we’ll add it to our list.

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