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Painting the picture with rather broad brush strokes, we can give you an internet (electronic) presence, a lean physical book presence or a couple of boxes of your hard won stacked in the garage.

This is a modern world.

Broadly, again, the electronic world consists of Kindle and the rest. Most of the platforms require their own file types and have their own requirements - do you want to cook a curry, an omlette, bake a cake? On our site you can buy straight PDFs which don't require a 'reader', other than the requisite software.

Print on Demand

PoD avoids having to have a whole stack of cash upfront and you having to schleck round bookshops your wares. PoD is a hybrid, it sits on the net in an electronic format, someone buys a copy but a physical book pops through the letter box. You don't have to stump up for an expensve print run.

PoDiY with organisations like Lulu, or hand it off to us.

A bird in the hand.

Should you wish to go the Twentieth Century way (Courtney does, btw) then there is the option of printing phyical books. It is more time intensive for us, thus there's a middle man cost, sorry, and you need to make decisions, sorry. If you have the spare cash and want physical books looking like they do in the bookshops, then we can facilitate that for you too.

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