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Courtney, you see, likea poetry
It's becoming cool, it's all the rage
All the young dudes, nobody's fools
Are sticking their noses into the Poetry Panda's cage
But when not a performer, when not using spoken tools
It matters to poets how the word looks on the page.

Format and Font.

Our friend and customer Kev wanted his second book in dynamo. The print edition too. This presented a number of challenges. Courtney wanted one edition to sell for £1 to raise money for words for the wounded, and to reduce print costs (ish)but mainly for the target beneficiary wanted the cover all black, but wanted another edition in color with his chosen fonts - not web friendly fonts - to have notes and stiff. These are things that don't offten come to light for a fiction Kindle edition. But poets are, well, poets, and we aim to keep the customer satisfied.

So we've ended up learning a bunch of stuff that is specific to poetry presentation. Not necessarily how to sell it though.

High Performance

The other thing that happened was we ended up with a production "company" arm. By putting on a performance poetry session in The Railway in Cheltenham over Christmas, and having to organise stuff including the posters, we got a taste for it. Performance poetry is more about the show than 'normal' poetry readings and with the growing interest in poetry slams we anticipate getting more and more involved in this side of things.

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