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Photography lends itself to big fat coffee table books of high quality colour finishes that your mum (and you, but secretly, obvs) drewel over. As always, there is, however, an issue. Unless you're Don McCullan or David Bailey you are unlikely to have the publishing backing to produce such behemoths for you, and if you have the necessary large sums of cash close to hand you don't need us anyway. But if we can help, call quick. What we can do though, using Dunc and Court's photography as a template, is cut the corners, sorry, cloth, cloth, to try and maximise the margins. Which is what we've done.

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This is Humberscapes, a subset of the photography of Dunc, our artistic director. It is also the template we used for Court's photography, and owing to the nature of chatting to people who have similar interests, our other photographically inclined customers. (More anon ...)

Some pictures to be getting on with:

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