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Welcome to the marketing arm of green eye coeur presse

Marketing. Right.

Despite a number of years in 'business' of one sort or another between us, a knowledge of the effects of spin / PR / marketing and the rest of capitalist man's magic, we're not entirely sure we know if all this stuff actually works. Does the stuff that kicks off on the internet that goes viral, aka Dawkins' 'meme' rely on business techniques? According to Gladwell if you do 10,000 hours you will be good at something, anything, however much talent you start with. And qccording to his good self too, all you need to do is reach a "tipping point". So that's all?

So, because as artistes we wish to stay true our art, which is a very different skill from sales we teemed up with the esteemed Russ Burgess to come up with a marketing strategy. Trust us, it's all been doctored.

Now, we're really sorry, but we're not going to schlepp round your local town for you with a box of books sidlingn up to the manager of your local Waterstone's, we don't know your relatives and aren't going to try to sell your books to our own relatives, but we do know our way around sociql media. We can write professional press releases for your local paper, Sophie is a journalist by training, and we can tell you how Courtney and Russ have gone about it, but our main emphasis is on Tweets and other social networking tools.

You like?

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