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Bespoke Services

Sometimes in life things come about not through business plans, marketing, project management. Sometimes they germinate from the nascent seed called luck. Maybe we'll discover one day that what was meant to be was actually meant to be - fate? - but for now, gecp has ended up with two bespoke specialisms because, well, because they were Courtney's hobbies.

The Life of Riley

It's almost a little demeaning to call poetry a hobby. Technically, originally, the difference between a professional and an amateur was one got paid for an activity, the other did it for love, although now the words have nunanced into a grade of quality. In his 1949 publication How to Avoid Work, William J Reilly postulated 'work' was anything you didn't like doing (house'work', home'work', got to 'work' at it ...) and the best way to avoid that was getting paid for what you loved doing. Which blurs the line between professional and amateur.

Show us the money ...

So, taking that advice, Courtney set off to be a poet.

And found out there's no money in it. It does, however, warm your soul.

We, though, found out some of the frustrations, intricacies and idyosyncracies of publishing poetry on the net. Says Guy, mopping his brow.

A Picture paints a thousand words.

Courtney's other time wasting activity is photography. He wanted a huge big coffee table book of visual vanity and velvet. More mopping of brow. Do you know how much these things cost ...?

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