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About Us

We are an electronic publishing company based in Cheltenham, UK. Although we are willing to still go hard. Books, copy. Obviously.

So, what's going on here?

Our friend, Courtney Hulbert wanted a lifetime of words publishing so we did. And thusly we were born. Sophs edited, I worked out the maze of how to do it and in the course of the doing worked out we could help others (helping others is in other realms referred to as 'consultancy'.)


Sophie is our Editorial Director. She’s the one who controls the words. As a Master of Arts, she’s allowed to.

She cut her teeth at the oldest university publisher in the world, Oxford University Press, editing academic journals. Then after realising she wanted to write words too, she retrained as a journalist – ending up a short few years later as a news editor at two local papers. With weekly deadlines and 160+ stories a week, this girl can edit fast. Now Sophie is a journalist at an online publication, and writes fiction in her spare time. She loves editing and can’t wait to get her hands on your words. Give em here.


Guy is our Technical Director and closer to Falstaff's fool than anything in Thomas Pink shirts and Oxford brogues. (I'm writing about me in the third person, right? Weird.) His teeth are falling out. After twenty years in IT, he's choosing to forget the seven in International Airlines at Heathrow and seven more in the murky world of British Army Intelligence in order to sound younger. In his spare time he wanders - and wonders - the pubs of Cheltenham. In order to recite Courtney Hulbert's poetry. Obviously.

And they run a charity. About dogs and depression.
(No ... not depressed dogs ...)

eye coeur

Both Dunc and Guy served in the Intelligence Corps way back when, abbrevited to Int Corps now but even wayer back when known as the I Corps. With a bit of word trickery it isn't hard to transmogrify that to eye and phonemically into coeur, the eye and the heart. To see and to feel. Which is what words and books are about. Dunc did the logo, again, way back when, and it waited 24 years to find a home. When Guy and Sophs teamed up to publish Clouds, Sophs has got green eyes, noticed the Jester's green eyes and hey presto. The 'E' on presse is a pretentious effort to make it sound ye olde Europeany from the days of Guttenburg or somesuch.

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